1. All data provided in our app is from extracted data of your AFM(Aircraft Flight Manual). We do not guarantee this data and this data cannot be replaced original data of your AFM. While planning a real flight always use your authorized AFM data. Our data is tailored carefully to get nearest values of your AFM data but cannot be replaced of it.
  2. We provide you limited access of AFM performance data. Some graphs may not be included in our app.
  3. Our services are limited by time. After your membership expires you can not use our app and products. If any reason require us to end this app functionality we will calculate remaining time of your membership and return your money for that time.
  4. You can not share our app data with another people or company. Your access is limited to only yourself and your contracted aircraft.
  5. Our database used in navigation section is mostly derived from AIRAC cycles. But some of them are extracted from open source databases. These data may not be updated and we do not guarantee validation of navigational data. Always check your input values such as runway length, direction elevation etc.
  6. We offer you to use METAR data for flight planning purposes. Always check the METAR for the validation. If METAR is not valid or not available provide valid meteorology data for your flight planning.
  7. Our app requires membership. To get a membership our app you must contact us. We will provide data you will need.
  8. Our app does not require internet most of its calculations. But you must sign-in app in every 30 days to meet security reasons. Otherwise you won’t be able to use app.
  9. In trial version of app you have 30 days of active user to app. Later you will need to subscribe by using www.wilcoaviation.net
  10. Wilco Aviation reserves right to terminate its app functionality or withdraw from use. By downloading our app you accept these regulations.